Get Ready for the 4-Cycle Spring Showdown

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Prior to becoming a marketing professional, Jason Altzman competed in International Motorsport. Today, Jason Altman’s interest in racing continues as his he sports his family’s interest in kart racing.

The Phoenix Kart Racing Association (PKRA) is a worthwhile venue for enthusiasts young and old. This attraction offers membership, classes, and races.

One noteworthy upcoming event at the PKRA tracks is the 4-Cycle Spring Showdown, to be held Saturday, April 16, 2016. Combining six different track configurations into a single day, this event is a major draw for just about anyone interested in the sport. It’s a simple way to showcase driver and vehicle ability while having high-speed fun. Practice sessions will occur on preceding Fridays as well as on Saturdays when the races occur in order to familiarize participants with the various course configurations. It is a point-tracking event, with the winner in each class determined by points accrued. Prizes are awarded to top performers. Those interested in participating or attending can visit to get the details.


Three Tips for New Cooks

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A marketing professional, Jason Altzman joined the Aero Marketing Group in 2004 and oversees operations and client relations as a managing principal. In his spare time, Jason Altzman enjoys cooking.

If you are new to cooking, consider these tips from esteemed chefs and food television personalities.

1. Cook pasta properly.

Instead of boiling pasta as directed by package instructions, cook it one minute less. According to Iron Chef America Mario Batali, you should cook your pasta for the last minute in the sauce until al dente.

2. Use schmaltz.

Also known as chicken fat, schmaltz creates richness when added to a dish. The ingredient has a deeper flavor than duck fat and works well for poaching fish. Chef Tony Maws of Craigie On Main states that it complements nearly all recipes.

3. Sprinkle salt and pepper like it is snowing.

Harvest Chef Mary Dumont says you should sprinkle salt and pepper like it is snowing. Making sure to evenly coat your meat and fish, this method reduces the likelihood of creating clumps of spice that result in overseasoning one particular area.