2016 X Games Snub Has Not Stopped Shaun White

Shaun White pic

Shaun White
Image: theguardian.com

Jason Altzman is the managing principal at Aero Marketing Group, a promotional agency located in Phoenix, Arizona. With its growing popularity in the United States, Jason Altzman names snowboarding among the sports he actively participates.

The sport of snowboarding made headlines in February 2016, the month following ESPN’s 2016 Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado, when professional snowboarder Shaun White revealed the real reason for his absence at the event. At the time an ESPN spokesman said that White, one of the most decorated competitors in the history of the event, had not been invited. ESPN offered no further explanation.

In his February interview with The New York Times, White revealed that he believed his X Games snub was a result of a series of statements he had made to Forbes in October 2015. In the Forbes interview, White expressed his belief that ESPN lacked ambition for the X Games, and in turn was planning to establish his own franchise of extreme sports events, to be called Air & Style.

Despite ESPN’s apparent reaction to these comments, White does not see a reason to apologize. He viewed his comments as the sharing of factual information, or constructive criticism at the very worst. ESPN’s spokesman denies that White’s lack of invitation was the result of these comments, stating that ESPN’s policy prohibits any detailed discussion of their invitation process. Regardless, White is continuing with his Air & Style plans, now envisioned as a snowboarding, art and musical festival. White also insists that his professional career is far from over, with plans to compete in the winter Olympics in 2018 and 2022.