Budget-Friendly Karting Options for Children

Karting Image: en.wikipedia.org

Image: en.wikipedia.org

Jason Altzman is the managing principal of Aero Marketing Group (AMG), a specialty events and promotional agency focusing on automotive and motorsport arenas. To support his son, who wants to be a race car driver someday, Jason Altzman facilitates his son’s interest in karting.

Most Formula 1 drivers start their career on a karting track, participating in a number of races before they are old enough to obtain their driver’s licenses. While investing in a child’s karting career can be expensive, there are ways to save money. For example, parents can purchase a used kart, rather than buying a new one. There are also many websites that sell a selection of parts and motors from which parents can construct their own vehicle. People can also rent karts from karting tracks and youth motorsports clubs.

Another way to reduce expenses is to purchase pre-owned safety equipment. While new equipment, including a helmet, gloves, driving suit, and neck collar, can cost more than $350, parents can buy previously owned gear for a mere fraction of that amount.


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