2016 Corvette Racing Series

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Team Corvette
Image: teamcorvette.org

A veteran in racing sponsorship and strategic marketing, Jason Altzman serves as principal of Aero Marketing, a company that provides customized automotive-related consumer and event solutions. Prior to launching Aero Marketing, Jason Altzman competed in International Motorsport as a member of Team Corvette.

Team Corvette began its 2016 race season in January at the Rolex 24 in Daytona, Florida, and will conclude the season in October at the Petit Le Mans in Georgia. The Corvette racing series is referred to as an endurance series, starting with a lengthy 24-hour race in Daytona that includes a range of race durations. The shortest is the one-hour, 40-minute Grand Prix in Long Beach, California.

Team Corvette drivers race the Chevrolet Corvette C7.R, a high-performing GT car. Historically, Corvette racing has been recognized as a leader in safety, and the 2016 C7.R has some safety-enhancing updates. The vehicle’s new roof hatch allows safety workers to insert a device into the cockpit to safely extract a driver from the vehicle while protecting his head, neck, and spine. Additionally, an improved racing seat provides extra security for the driver by using more pronounced side restraints.