Jason Altzman Enjoys the Many Benefits of Cycling

Benefits of Cycling pic

Benefits of Cycling
Image: bicycling.com

Currently working as the managing principal for Aero Marketing Group, Jason Altzman uses his previous experience as a driver in motorsports to reach out and work with various clients in that sector, striving to provide the solutions they require. When not spending time at work, Jason Altzman enjoys keeping fit by going cycling.

Cycling provides many benefits for anyone looking to exercise in a new way. Whether it is to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, or simply to release some pent-up energy, cycling has been proven to be a productive form of exercise.

Exercising on a bicycle has been shown to cause less stress on the lower parts of the body than running or jogging, including areas that are prone to injury such as the knees and feet. Many individuals dread going to the gym because it feels competitive and seems much like a task on a to-do list. These same people often tend to view cycling as fun however, because it allows them to be outside in nature, taking in the fresh air. The scenery is easy to change, from going to a neighborhood in their town to cycling in a park. Finally, cycling has been proven to be beneficial for the planet, as it is a form of transportation that doesn’t involve pollution since no gasoline is involved.