Snowboarding Basics – Your Stance

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As the managing principal for Aero Marketing Group(AMG), Jason Altzman runs the day to day operations for this Phoenix, Arizona-based specialty events and promotional agency. In his spare time, Jason Altzman likes to snowboard.

If you are thinking of taking up snowboarding, one of the first things you will want to figure out is your stance. In snowboarding, two stances denote which foot you lead with, called “regular” and “goofy.”

Regular riders ride with their left leg in the front as their lead leg, while goofy riders lead with their right leg. One easy way to figure out which stance will be more natural for you is to have a friend gently shove you from behind. Whichever foot you step forward with to catch your balance should be your lead foot.

Just as the majority of people are right-handed, most snowboarders ride regular, controlling the board with their right leg in the back. With enough practice, you will learn to ride both regular and goofy, a crucial skill for switches and landing jumps.


The 2017 Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado

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Winter X Games

Phoenix resident Jason Altzman serves as the managing principal of Aero Marketing Group, an organization that specializes in organizing events and developing memorable promotions for the motorsports and automotive industries. Aside from work, Jason Altzman enjoys traveling, cycling, and snowboarding.

For the last 20 years, the Winter X Games, hosted by ESPN, provide a stage for 200 of the world’s most talented athletes to demonstrate the abilities in extreme winter sports. The 2017 games took place January 26- 29 on Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen, Colorado. At the event, spectators were treated to extreme sporting events, live music, and a youth festival. Tickets for the youth festival and sport events were free of charge.

The 2017 Winter X Games featured 18 events revolving around snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling, and snow biking, with both male and female competitors. The four-day games featured snowboarder Marcus Kleveland, who successfully landed the first Quad Cork 1800 in-competition. Kleveland went on to win the silver medal in Snowboard Big Air and also a gold medal in Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle.

The Winter X Games have featured snowboarding since they launched in 1997. The sport has soared in popularity as athletes continue to attempt more daring tricks and flips.

Jason Altzman Enjoys the Many Benefits of Cycling

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Benefits of Cycling

Currently working as the managing principal for Aero Marketing Group, Jason Altzman uses his previous experience as a driver in motorsports to reach out and work with various clients in that sector, striving to provide the solutions they require. When not spending time at work, Jason Altzman enjoys keeping fit by going cycling.

Cycling provides many benefits for anyone looking to exercise in a new way. Whether it is to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, or simply to release some pent-up energy, cycling has been proven to be a productive form of exercise.

Exercising on a bicycle has been shown to cause less stress on the lower parts of the body than running or jogging, including areas that are prone to injury such as the knees and feet. Many individuals dread going to the gym because it feels competitive and seems much like a task on a to-do list. These same people often tend to view cycling as fun however, because it allows them to be outside in nature, taking in the fresh air. The scenery is easy to change, from going to a neighborhood in their town to cycling in a park. Finally, cycling has been proven to be beneficial for the planet, as it is a form of transportation that doesn’t involve pollution since no gasoline is involved.

Three Reasons Snowboarding Is Better Than Skiing

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Snowboarding Is Better Than Skiing

Jason Altzman serves as the managing principal of Aero Marketing Group in Phoenix, where he oversees operations, including client relations and sales. Outside of his professional life, Jason Altzman is an avid snowboarder.

Skiing and snowboarding are both very popular winter leisure activities, but there are at least three reasons why snowboarding is preferable.

One of snowboarding’s advantages over skiing is the relative lack of a barrier to entry. Getting outfitted with the right gear to ski will run at least $600, whereas a beginning snowboarder can be ready to hit the slopes on as little as $400.

Speaking of gear, snowboarding boots are easier to negotiate than ski boots. While neither boot is especially comfortable, walking in snowboarding boots is much easier.

Snowboarding also puts less strain on the knees than skiing. Having two separate platforms on the slopes can lead to twisting falls, which can result in knee injuries. Twisting falls are much less common for snowboarders because both legs are connected to the same surface.

Preventing Snowboarding Injuries

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Preventing Snowboarding Injuries

Snowboarding is a physical activity that requires quick reflexes, balance, flexibility, and strength. As with other sports such as skiing, snowboarding may result in injuries more common to the sport. This means that unlike skiing – which largely affects the knees and the lower extremities and frequently results in injuries such as tears to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) – snowboarding affects the upper extremities. The most common snowboarding related injuries are injuries to the wrist, followed by broken collar bones, and then concussions.

How then, can a snowboarder prevent such injuries from occurring? Experts claim that the first step towards injury prevention is having the appropriate protective gear. Wrist and elbow guards are important in making sure that the forces involved in a fall do not seriously impact these joints of the upper body. In addition, other protective gear such as knee pads and tailbone pads can provide protection of other specific parts of the body likely to be injured during a fall.

For beginners and for those crossing over from skiing, it is recommended that they invest in lessons from a qualified instructor in order to learn proper snowboarding technique. This is a fundamental step towards injury prevention. Learning more about the anatomy and physiology of the parts of the body likely to be injured is also a great step towards preventing injuries.

2016 X Games Snub Has Not Stopped Shaun White

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Shaun White

Jason Altzman is the managing principal at Aero Marketing Group, a promotional agency located in Phoenix, Arizona. With its growing popularity in the United States, Jason Altzman names snowboarding among the sports he actively participates.

The sport of snowboarding made headlines in February 2016, the month following ESPN’s 2016 Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado, when professional snowboarder Shaun White revealed the real reason for his absence at the event. At the time an ESPN spokesman said that White, one of the most decorated competitors in the history of the event, had not been invited. ESPN offered no further explanation.

In his February interview with The New York Times, White revealed that he believed his X Games snub was a result of a series of statements he had made to Forbes in October 2015. In the Forbes interview, White expressed his belief that ESPN lacked ambition for the X Games, and in turn was planning to establish his own franchise of extreme sports events, to be called Air & Style.

Despite ESPN’s apparent reaction to these comments, White does not see a reason to apologize. He viewed his comments as the sharing of factual information, or constructive criticism at the very worst. ESPN’s spokesman denies that White’s lack of invitation was the result of these comments, stating that ESPN’s policy prohibits any detailed discussion of their invitation process. Regardless, White is continuing with his Air & Style plans, now envisioned as a snowboarding, art and musical festival. White also insists that his professional career is far from over, with plans to compete in the winter Olympics in 2018 and 2022.

Get Ready for the 4-Cycle Spring Showdown

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Prior to becoming a marketing professional, Jason Altzman competed in International Motorsport. Today, Jason Altman’s interest in racing continues as his he sports his family’s interest in kart racing.

The Phoenix Kart Racing Association (PKRA) is a worthwhile venue for enthusiasts young and old. This attraction offers membership, classes, and races.

One noteworthy upcoming event at the PKRA tracks is the 4-Cycle Spring Showdown, to be held Saturday, April 16, 2016. Combining six different track configurations into a single day, this event is a major draw for just about anyone interested in the sport. It’s a simple way to showcase driver and vehicle ability while having high-speed fun. Practice sessions will occur on preceding Fridays as well as on Saturdays when the races occur in order to familiarize participants with the various course configurations. It is a point-tracking event, with the winner in each class determined by points accrued. Prizes are awarded to top performers. Those interested in participating or attending can visit to get the details.